How To Incubate & Hatch Chicken Eggs - Just 21 Days From Egg To Chicken!

Very informative.l come back to this article often.
Good article on hatching eggs!
Thank you. Great info and easy to follow :)
1. Don’t use an incubator. It’s counterintuitive for the specie. Can you imagine incubating chickens so much that a breeds hens forget how to mother? Well it happened. Thanks hatcheries! Good job humanity!

2. How many times have you looked under a hen and seen the large end up? Never. Quit looking under your hen - she knows what she’s doing. Good job humanity!
- they only need to be rotated constantly and kept warm - not hot.

3. How often do you need to spray way under a hen to control moisture? Never. Good job humanity!

4. Quit using incubators.
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I’m going to try for a New Years Day hatch. My first bator hatch. I’m pretty excited!! :yesss:
Really appreciate the details of the process, and the links to get more specific info. Very well written and easy to understand. Thanks for taking the time to document the incubation process.
Thank you for making this, I learned a lot. I like the part that says if you set the eggs on monday, they will probably hatch on monday.
I plan to incubate some eggs next spring (unless one of my hens beat me to it). I’ll be referring back to this page for review.
Great general info and pics provided.
Wonderful beginner guide!
I'm a beginner looking into incubating my own eggs this year and this was super helpful with laying out the Do's and Don't's!
well written and very informative!!
Nicely written! Very concise and easy to follow. Thank you !!
Well written and easy to understand. A good 101 on incubating eggs.
I would just add - do not have oils, hand lotion or other things on your hands/fingers as you manually handle the egg turning.
Greasing them up so to speak.

I also think that over humidifying the incubator is the greatest concern. A house usually is about 70 degrees humidity so the basic need is close to being met without adding too much water. if condensation forms on your incubator lid - do not add more until it is gone.
Just remember a chicken does not sweat so a broody hen unless she spits on the eggs is not going to be adding humidity. Not sure how this works in overly humid areas like the South or even the East Coast during the summer.
A hen can only do so much to regulate the heat and humidity of her brood.
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Tells everything you need to know. In the future I may incubate so I will for sure take a look back on this article. :)
This article tells all of the information of incubating and hatching eggs! I always new baby chicks were susceptible to drowning so I give them water in something small then in a couple of weeks get something bigger like a little dog bowl.
Nicely written easy to understand wording. I like the links and pics also.

Thank you for sharing :clap
Great job
I found this article to be very helpful. The links for additional reading are a great addition and very much appreciated.
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