How to:make a chick brooder.

By Cluckcluck1215 · May 30, 2016 · ·
  1. Cluckcluck1215
    Hello!as some of you may know I'm getting chicks,and I want to show you how to make a:chick brooder!ok so I don't have pics,sorry,so lets start!

    So you just ordered some chicks,and you want to learn how to make a brooder?look right here.

    List of things you need:
    Water(I know,I just had to put it),
    Shavings(or something for the bottom,look below),
    A box of some type,(look below).
    And a heat lamp and bulb and temomiter

    Ok so you have all you need,right?ok then,here we go.

    Feeder:you want some thing,that thay can't poop,or walk in(yeah,thay always walk in it).dont use a dish,it won't work,thay poop in it,walk on it,or it could get tured over,and trap a chick under it.

    Waterer:same as I said above,use some thing that thay can't step on,walk in,poop in,or drown.put warmish water in it,cooled water will chill them.put rocks or Marbles,in it so thay don't drown.

    Brooder:you can use a: wooden box,a plastic tub,a card bored box,and want it deep so the chicks don't jump out.

    Bottom:ther is a hole list of things that you can use:paper towels,newspaper,shavings(do not use ceader) ec...

    Heat:you want 95"F,if you can tell if the chicks are hot or cold,if the chicks are piled up under the heat lamp,ther cold,if ther along the side ther to hot,if ther runing around,eating,and drinking ther fine.

    Ok,so,pour the shaving in the box,and put them all over the place.then put a small(small)bord in the box to put the waterer on.set the heat lamp on.fill the waterer up,and place it on the bord,fill the feeder up and place it in ther,put the termomitter in ther,on the side,let it warm up for a few hours,then go get your a baby chicks!!

    Hope you liked it!if I missed any thing,tell me!


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  1. Cluckcluck1215
    Ok, this was made Threeyears ago. I was new myself at that time. So don't comment anymore
  2. alexa009
    Please include grit along with the chick starter. A lot of people who are new to owning chickens have no idea they need it.

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