How to Stop Egg Eating Chickens
At one time,my chickens seemed to stop laying eggs for as long as a month.It was spring and the week before they were all laying well.I got at least two eggs a day.This worried me so I inspected the coop one day.I seen most of my hens go in for a while and come out.I noticed that one hen never came out,so I went in.She was eating the eggs.This was a shock to me because I didn't think chickens would eat their own eggs,and I was fairly new to keeping chickens.I had no idea what to do.I looked in a chicken book that I bought to help me understand how to care for chickens.I found in the book a page that was titled "Egg Eating".
I read that sometimes a chicken will eat the eggs in the nest because of curiosity and they find that they like it's taste.I also read that you can take a blown egg and fill it with strong mustard and put it back in the nest.When the hen tries to eat the egg she will taste the mustard and usually decide it is unpleasant,therefore curing the egg eating habit.You may have to do this more than once to make the massage clear,but it should work.I only had to do this once for my egg eating hen.She hasn't eaten any more eggs that I know of,and if she does,at least it stopped her from eating them all.I am sure there is more ways to stop this habit,but this is the only one I know about,and it worked for me.
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