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Hi all, welcome to our little backyard flock. We have (5) 2.5 year old Buff Orpington hens, (4) 2 year old Australorps, (2) 2 year old speckled sussex hens and three baby buff orps.

Three of our original Buff Orpington hens (Crazy Comb, Randy & Baby Bad Wings) from my first flock died.

The Buffs when we first got them

They don't call her Mrs. Cuddlesworth for nothing!
She prefers human company as you can see.

Here she is relaxing on my belly!

Crazy Comb who died a few days after her first bday.

Aren't they beautiful?

Snow way!

The gate that leads into their free range area.

Ye old coop.
This coop was built during the great depression and was based on a plan called the great american chicken coop.
Basically women would cram as many birds as they could in there and those birds would be their source of food and income.
Today, in 2011, it only holds my 13 hens, and those hens will only ever be kept for eggs and as pets. Times have changed - huh?

Enjoying a beautiful day!

Their yard…


Juliet with eggs she hatched from a local farm. 4 out of 6 eggs hatched and three were roos, yikes!

What the heck are you?

Three of the four Australorps coming out of the coop against the snow, cool photo - huh? Betty is in front and is the sweetest hen ever! She talks constantly. She is also the calmest hen of all to hold, she'll close her eyes (both) and coo softly when I hold her which is quite often.

The coop and run Winter 2010-2011.

Some of our girls, taken right before Halloween 2010, they matched the holiday!

The hired hands…