my silkies

i breed silkies from home, here in cape town, south africa.
i bought a pair from a petshop, but the hen crowed.
i got a new hen, and now i have 3 generations of chicks in my back garden.
they are R100 each, which is $12,330.
i have full grown roosters crowing every morning, and every morning i hope my neighbours don't complain!3
i really like my rooster. his name is Rooster and he is very well behaved, kind and too generous in giving away his food.he never pecks anyone, except Brownie, my golden show silkie. they were separated, but still fought through the fence. twice they have fought till bloody and injured. my white rooster became a red rooster!
my chickens sleep in boxes in a tent and come out when they like and go to sleep when they like. the hen, Penny, teaches the chicks how to scratch in grass and find worms and how to have a dust bath. Penny is a champion in dustbathing. she shovels large holes in the ground and kicks sand into the air. she lies on her back and wriggles around.
my chickens run to me when i go outside because they know i will give them food. they eat from my hand.



would you ever eat a silkie?