chickenzoo said:
The Go Birding article states it was a Swan and a goose.......
I'm tellin you is a 'goose-swan' like all the other Swooses...

Swoose: a hybrid between a Mute Swan Cygnus olor and a domestic Goose Anser cygnoides x Anser anser

Anser anser domesticus (sebastopol goose)

Anatidae Cygnus atratus (black Swan)

See both those are 'Anser' not one 'Anser' and one 'Antaidae'

Subfamily: Anserinae, swans and geese (Three to seven extant genera with 25–30 living species, mainly cool temperate Northern Hemisphere but also some Southern Hemisphere species, with the swans in one genus [two genera in some treatments], and the geese in three genera [two genera in some treatments]. Some other species are sometimes placed herein, but seem somewhat more distinct [see below])
Cygnus, true swans (7 species, 4 sometimes separated in Olor)
Anser, grey geese (7 species)
Chen, white geese (3 species, sometimes included in Anser)
Branta, black geese (8 living species)
Systematics, taxonomy and evolution
[edit] Living species and taxonomy

Swan Goose Anser cygnoides – sometimes separated in Cygnopsis ((this one will breed with anything apperently, all Swooses are 1/2 these))
Taiga Bean-Goose Anser fabalis
Tundra Bean-Goose Anser serrirostris
Pink-footed Goose Anser brachyrhynchus
Greater White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons
Greenland White-fronted Goose Anser (albifrons) flavirostris
Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus
Greylag Goose Anser anser
Bar-headed Goose Anser indicus – sometimes separated in Eulabeia

The following white geese are commonly separated as the genus Chen, with one of them sometimes split off in the genus Philacte. They cannot be distinguished anatomically from Anser geese although there is some evidence of a distinct lineage in evaluations of molecular data.[citation needed] While some ornithological works traditionally include Chen within Anser,[2] the AOU and the IUCN are notable authorities that treat them as separate.[3]

Snow Goose Chen caerulescens
Ross's Goose Chen rossii
Emperor Goose Chen canagicus – sometimes separated in Philacte

Some authorities also treat some subspecies as distinct species (notably Tundra Bean Goose[4]) or as likely future species splits (notably Greenland White-fronted Goose).[5]