Welcome to my BYC page!

Here we are : The hubby & I, after erecting the walls of our 4x8 coop!


This is a shot of the progress, as of 6/29/009

We are trying to make it look like a playhouse, since our yard is 3000 sq ft shy of what we'd need to be "legal" in our city.

The run will be to the left, beneath the shade tree, since summer heat has already climbed to 109 degrees... and it is only June!
We're going to block the neighbor's view of the run with a trellis fence and climbing plants.

UPDATE 7/7-09

Our coop is almost ready for the girls

The run will be along the shady side of the coop, to the left...


View of the coop from the run side. You can see the chicken door opening, ventilation along the roof line & the "window".


Update: 7/11/2009


Covered the egg box so it will match the rest of the house. ALMOST ready for my chickens!
You can see how the wood has dried and there are now gaps. AGH! Everytime I think I am close, I find another problem. Sigh...

Update 7/16/09
The wood we used for the siding was covered up with 1x2 strips. I then took a copper scrubby pad and soaked it in vinegar overnight & painted the mixture ontop. It turns the wood gray, so it looks old! Here are the before & after pics.


I also added cross bars for windows.

Things I still need to do as of 7/21/09: (List compiled 7/9/09)
  1. DONECover the "mail" box/egg box with wood slats to make it look like a crate. I did this before we decided to make it look like Little House On The Prairie & the mailbox just doesn't fit anymore
  2. DONE Get another hinge/lock for the bottom of the door.
  3. DONEReinforce the bottom of the people door. (The holes of the dog eared fence slats makes me nervous!)
  4. DONEMake & install chicken door.
  5. Attach egg door cover & lock.
  6. DONEAdd trim around the windows.
  7. DONEPut in the new plywood floor for reinforcement.
  8. Paint plywood.
  9. Add the roof peak connector thingy & shingles
  10. dig trenches & put hardware cloth around the bottom of the coop.
  11. Add river rock to the top of the hardware cloth.
  12. DONEHardware cloth on the spaces between the roof and the walls.
  13. lay linolium.
  14. build roosts.
  15. BUILD A RUN!
  16. Make a "How we built this" page with more pictures!

The Reason We're Here!
Our Chicks @ 7 weeks old. I am pretty sure they are all girls?


Bellatrix & Mrs. Lovette. (Yes, hubby & the girl love Helena Bonham Carter.)
They were supposed to be Rhode Island Reds, but I am suspecting they are some sort of mutt... which is okay!​


Large Marge & Black Beauty. (Yeah, take a guess on which one is Marge, haha.) ~ Black Austrolorps


And, little Clementine and Angel. These two are the SWEETEST babies! (Golden Buffs)

Chickens pecking around on my "Craft towel" @ 10 weeks old:

My girl and Mrs. Lovette. Lovette has a respiratory thing going on, and is sleeping in a bin in the room with me. The reintro to her flock is NOT going well.... She looks like a real chicken now!


Once the coop is finished, and we figure out exactly what we are doing
, I will load progress pictures of the coop....​

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