We had a small flock of mixed Japanese bantams a while ago but had to rehome them to a friend - we needed their coop for a Flemish Giant rabbit. Those chickens were very much missed so in the spring of 2010 we added a trio of Silkies. My daughters carry the 4-H poultry project, started when my youngest got into Call Ducks. Those first three Silkies won top honors at our county fair (250 entries) - Best in Show for the pullet, Reserve Feather Leg for the rooster and the hen won her class. These silkies brought on chicken fever and we soon added some bantam cochins and 3 lavender guineas. Over the summer we hatched 7 silkie babies and they have been a joy to watch as they grow. I was looking for a large free-range breed of chicken and a poultry judge recommended Brahmas. A trio of Buff Brahmas is in quarantine at a friends house and will join our barnyard soon.
**Updated 2/11 - Since the last entry we added a pair of Bantam Buff Brahma but lost our roo last night. Very sad here - he was a favorite. We also added a young pair of LF Partridge Brahma over the summer. They are growing to be magnificent birds.
Our small hobby farm is also home to 2 Quarter Horses, a Shetland pony, 4 dairy goats, 11 Call Ducks, market pigs in the summer, a Labrador Retriever, a PBGV, a barn cat and a house cat. We also raise and show English Angora, Dwarf Hotot and Flemish Giant rabbits.