I have become the crazy chicken lady

By jochickenlady · Jun 8, 2014 ·
  1. jochickenlady
    I love these chickens! I got them as chicks from my son's classroom. One Cornish Cross and two Rhode Island Reds (I think). We are in love with them. They are the most spoiled babies and are 8 weeks old. Rosy, Fatty, and LaFawndah (don't ask) Every night around 8ish they know its time to get put to bed, they wait until tell to "Pen up", we sit inside the coop and snuggle (two reds on my shoulder, Fatty on my lap).They do the night whispering to each other, then (I will admit this) put them down, they waddle to their nesting box and I wrap a blanket around them:) How much should I charge for hand fed, free range , coddled spoiled chicken eggs?;)[​IMG]

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