I love silkies

By BonDEEroo · Oct 6, 2017 · ·
  1. BonDEEroo
    I had never owned silkies before, but after reading reviews of them on BYC and elsewhere, I couldn't resist getting 3 pullets from a produce store.

    I haven't been disappointed! Not only have they been reasonable layers (allowing for their expected modest output), their behaviour is very appealing - sweet natured and docile. And they are so comical to watch - little black pom-poms bobbing around the yard.

    One silkie (Gertie) went broody and was problem-free: she ate, drank and dust-bathed regularly, unlike 2 non-silkies in the flock who got malnourished and run-down, because they were so obsessive.

    Here is the proud mother tonight - the chick hatched today. The father is a Pekin (Cochin) / Silkie cross and we think the mother is a little black pullet of unknown origins.


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  1. Texas Kiki
    Congrats on the new chick...so cute.
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  2. BonDEEroo
    Cute and sensible - a good character for a chook to have

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