I am interested in Egyptian Fayoumis. They are my favorite chickens. I really like them because of how smart they are. They are one of the best chickens to have if your worried about predators.I just built a new pen for the Egyptians Fayoumis and I have been busy finding hatching eggs and chicks to fill up the new space. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in swapping some eggs or if you would like to buy some hatching eggs. I now have 8 hens and My rooster Ramses. I have had really good fertility and hatch rates with this pen. I have been getting around 6 eggs a day when they are layin. My incubator is staying pretty full so I have extra eggs I can sell. The chicks I've been hatching are really healthy and very active. I hatched my Egyptians from eggs ordered last year and they came from Texas and Ohio. I only kept the best looking ones for my breeder pen.
We have a small family farm located in Central Indiana. So far we have Alot of Chickens in many different breeds. We currently have RIRs, Buff Orpingtons, Black Sex Links, Silkies, Columbian Rock Bantams, Old English Creoles, Ameraucanas, Silver Sebrights, Guineas and of course my Egyptian Fayoumis. I'm sure there are a few more I forgot but those are the main ones. We have a pretty good size coop with alot of pens that we have sorted into breeding pens. We have been working on the pens and making sure to have only pure bred birds for breeding purposes.
Spring has sprung and the chicken coop has been a sucess. I now have 8 pens of purebreed chickens. Columbian Rock Bantams which are really nice from Bishop line. Old English Creoles, Bantam Anaconas, Bantam Silkies,Bantam Cochins, Golden Buffs, Guineas and Egyptians Fayoumis.
I'm wanting to invest in a few more rare breeds. My favorites that I would like to get are....Egyptian Fayoumis, Show Quality Blue or Black Sumatras, Show Quality Columbian Rock Bantams, and I'd really like to find some Lady Amherst Pheasants. If you have any of these type hatching eggs you'd like to sell please feel free to shoot me an email or message me. I'm also interested in alot of Rare breeds Wheaton Marans, Blue Sumatras, French Copper Marans and the list goes on and on..........
These pics are of my first Egyptians that I found and built them a pen. I only kept the Rooster Ramses and have since added 8 more hens. I will try and update my pics soon. All pics on my egg auction are up to date.
Thanks for looking
My Three Egyptian Fayoumis and Speckled Sussex Looking out their new window in their new pen.

Ramses Strutting His Stuff

Cleopatra Looking Pretty Funny