Iddys Broody Box

A few weeks ago my dear little Silkie Bantam hen went broody, her name is iddy. I didn't have any fertile hatching eggs for her to sit on so I planned on ordering some, instead I won 6+ Show Quality Silkie Bantam hatching eggs from Sparkle City Silkies. I ended up with a total of eight eggs when they came in the mail last week.

The problem was Iddy liked the main nest box, a lot. So everyday she was getting kicked out of her nest by my laying hens. So I made a plan,

Iddy's Broody Box!

First I went to the store to get a storage tub, like the one pictured above. It costed about $6. I wanted to add some flare to my broody's box for her and her chicks so I added zebra print ducktape. I also wanted to make sure the side cutout would be safe for the babies and Iddy.

So I used a green colored pencil and traced the cutout where the door would go. Following that I had the handy man cut it out, then I placed the duck-tape around the cutout for good measure.

This is the finished product:

Her chicks are due: 1/12/13
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Cool nesting box! I might make one if Sweety, my silkie, goes broody (she's the one for my profile pic). Please
post pics of the chicks when they hatch! I really want to see them!

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