This is my first try at this so not sure what will end up happening. My husband and I have just retired to Oklahoma and have started our own little BACKYARD FLOCK. We would like to get more later on but need to make more room first. We now have 8 guineas, 2 Indian Runner Ducks, 9 Assorted Banties, 6 Turkens (1 Rooster--Larry), 5 Brahmas, 8 RIR, 6 Aracaunas and 3 3 month old chicks (2 Turken/Aracauna mixed and 1 Turken/Brahma mixed) The babies were hatched by one of our little Banties and they are now BIGGER than their mother. One of the babies had to be raised by me cause the mother rejected her. She was hatched about 6 days after the first two. When I first found the rejected baby I thought she was dead cause she was so cold and wasn't moving. I brought her in the house with me and got a warm towel and wrapped her in it and just rubbed her to warm her up. I must of done something right cause she is now doing just great. Oh I forgot to mention that since it was the beginning of Nov and not very warm out we had to build a small pen for the rejected baby (now known as LUCKY) in the house. As soon as weather is warm enough out she will be going out with all the others. I have been taking her out in the coop occasionally to get her used to the other chickens.

We would like to build seperate areas for the different breeds that we have so will try to work on that this summer.
We also have 3 dogs (2 HUGH mixed breeds (OHenry and Tommy) and 1 Miniature Poodle (Sassy), 5 Cats ( Fanta, Chubbsy, Blueberry, Bootsie and Wannabe). We have a pond out in front with several fish.
Have lots of pics that I will be adding later on. I look forward to joining in some of the forum discussions later on when I get through touring the website to check out everything.