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By iloveanimals · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. iloveanimals
    I love animals!!!! I have no chickens right now sadly :( but I will next year for high school for ffa, so I am happy. I will be getting easter eggers. The pets I have right now are 1 dog, 1 cat, 2 birds(cockatiels), 1 fish(betta fish), and 2 rats. Plus I feed 3 stray cats outside each of them have a name. One of them just had kittens but we can't find the litter but when we do we are gonna take them to a no-kill shelter and fix her.
    6/6/2011 Well she had the kittens we gave them away though. We are gonna fix her soon. The two other stray cats found a home. We are gonna keep the momma cat. She had two females and three males. They were all so cute. I'm trying to tame my cockatiels they won't bite there just not that tame. I am trying to teach them to talk and when I get a bird cage for my birthday I am gonna try to breed them. I am lucky my female is that small percent that whistles. My dog had to have heart worm medicine because she had heart worms.

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