I have 2 Ducks. Biscuit is a six month old male Pekin. He stays in the house and wears a diaper. He is never caged. He loves to go on car rides. He also enjoys going to the international food store, petsmart, and the parks. He is very friendly and I love him as if he were a real child. He is extremely spoiled. Muffin is a four week old Muscovy. He just started wearing diapers a few days ago. Soon he will be free to roam the house. For now though he has a very nice fancy cage. I have baby toys hanging everywhere. Biscuit loves his toys. He recently decided he likes to sleep in the cat's bed. I also have two cats and two dogs. I love them all. I will never get any other pets besides ducks though. I'm done with dogs and cats. DUCKS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!