Hello! My real name is Ashleigh and I live in Texas in the DFW area. I live on 5 (or so) acres with my family. There is me, my two younger brothers, my mom and dad, my 5 dogs, 3 horses, 3 cats, 1 fish, and 10 chickens. I have 1 Australorp named Penguin, 1 Americana named Starburst (I probably spelled both of those breeds wrong lol), 1 Production Red named Dixie, 1 Barred Rock named Pixie, 2 white Leghorns that don't really have definate names, usually they are called "Missy" ("Come here Missy!"), 2 Buff Orpingtons named Miss Orp and Lucy, 1 Silkie named Sassy, and 1 BB Red roo named Blake. I'm so excited because I got to buy a Wii a few days ago with the money I had saved up from feeding and taking care of my friend's and neighbor's animals! I have been saving and spending almost none of it since last December. I've been playing it a lot! It's so much fun! Well, there's a little bit about me. See ya around BYC!