The Starting Line <3

so your probably wondering how did i come to to these beautiful creatures...or maybe not but since your on my page i have a good feeling your curiosity will give you the urge to continue reading. i am going to make this as long and descriptive as i possibily can. i hope you guys enjoy :D

I never thought of chickens, never really considered day when i went exploring in the area behind our house. The spot behind our backyard at that time was a tree filled location with scraps of metal and other loose pieces all around, i was in the backyard playing with the pups when i eventually noticed it. As soon as i saw it i was instantly curious as to what the small area held for a curious little school girl like me. I explored it daily, from early morning till dark (If i hadnt been called inside i wouldve spent almost all night there) just looking to discover something of interest. During one of my daily visits i noticed that i didnt take much note to two little buildings placed not far from eachother and at that moment i couldnt figure out why i hadnt noticed them much earlie. I instantly ran to the smallest building realising that it was actually a cute little cubbyhouse, i fell in love with it, even though i had to duck while inside and that it only two steps to get from one side to the other (it trully was very small, i could've easily climbed the roof). Even though it was relatively small, i continued to visit it everyday, trying my best to clean it up or renovate it in any possible way, sometimes when friends came over they would help me. Once we tried painting it but i ran out of paint so we started using nail poslish, which was not a good substitute because when we ran out to it the next day all of the paint and nail polish had been rained and peeled off. Again i realised that i had forgotten about the other building, But i didnt take to it kindly, the poor little caged building was overgrown with weeds and smelt disgraceful, i looked at it in disgust and just returned to my little cubby. That night while i was in bed i thought about the strange building with all its overgrowth, i decided i would have to the one to fix it up. just my luck! our good family friends were going for a holiday and they needed us to look after their..goat! yes a goat! i was jumping in mum thought i was mad, "pumpkin its just a goat?"...she didnt know what i had planned and i wasnt planning on telling her (she wouldve never let me near that overgrowth in the back), so as soon as we got home with little peppa, i took her straight to the overgrowth..she loved it! i was trully proud with myself and by the end of the week each caged area was cleared to reveal a sweet little chook pen. suddenly tradgedy struck... as i was walking to the pen i noticed it was empty...i didnt take peppa out, the friends werent back yet and mum never ever came around to the back, i sprinted, i was distraught..what had happened?...i took my first ever step and turned to see peppa PHEW! i thought...but wait..peppa isnt moving...peppa..isnt breathing..isnt breathing..ISNT BREATHING!, i legs felt like jelly..i just wobbled over to the limp body to examine what may have happened..and what do you know, there is little peppa plastic bag down her throat, i ran back to house and cried for the remainder of the day, i knew this was all my fault and i felt completely ashamed of myself. eventually mum took the body away and apologized to the family, she never found out that it was my fault..and she still doesnt know. About two days after the body was carried off i returned to the pen, i was still very upset but i was trying my best to start off again. the pen was full of unwanted junk, by the end of the day i had cleaned it out, it wasnt beautiful..or amazing but i loved it and i couldnt wait to fill it with chickens. Everyday i begged with all my might for mum to get some hens, everyday she would say "you have to wait. i'm busy, money doesnt come from trees"..each time i sighed and walked off, eventually i forgot i even wanted chickens in the first place. I then came home did a little walk around the back and to my surpise chickens..1,2..5..10 of them! i ran home "mum! mum! theres chickens! woooo"... she just smiled and continued to peel the potatoes "yes, i know, the truck came to the stockfeed..we grabbed..well, enough"..i hugged mum, sqeezed mum..i'm surpised she didnt suffocate. I absolutely loved those hens even though they were completely bare (they had originally been caged hens), eventually they grew to be fat chookies we lost some and welcomed some but those are other stories to be told, and thats how the obsession started 6 years back! <3