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By IloveTravis · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. IloveTravis
    Here's the deal. You came here to read about me. So here I am.
    I am young, but don't call me deary, don't call me kiddo, and don't talk down to me.
    I am ambitious, and I am intelligent.
    I have very strong opinions. So please, don't Bush bash, don't anti-war rant,
    and don't act as if the whole world agrees with you, because they don't.
    STOP venting about how KFC tortures thier chickens. Stop complaining
    about how fast food places treat thier poultry. Stop spreading all of this made
    up stuff about animal abuse on the internet. You are only making things worse.
    And respect me, and the fact that I respect you. I am a kind member of BYC.
    Too kind. Don't make me show my angry side.
    Oh, and believe me I'm much sweeter in person. But if I can't say
    this stuff in the actual BYC forum, I shoud at least be able to say it on
    my "personal page". Because this is me, and this is the way tht I feel.
    I could make a separate page for this, but I am also very lazy. I love to draw,
    and this is a piece of my work that I just happen to have on my computer. I'm
    much better on paper, but too bad, I don't have a scanner :9


    And God do I love my chickens! Can't get enough of those little fuzzy butts! But
    I'm sure you've all heard that before. I'll add pictures on here, as soon as I learn
    how to work the dang camera! (maybe)
    These are all the avatars I've made for BYCers. Thanks guys, for all the support!

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Love to everyone, and a-thank-you for checking out my page!

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