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    I have 3 hens, 2 dogs, and 3 horses!
    hens-Buffy the worm slayer (Buffy) white leghorn
    Roxy Hart of Murderous Row(Roxy, RIR, explain name later :D)
    Midge (RIR)

    dogs,-Alastor-Jack Russell Cairn Terrier mix
    James, Cairn Terrier
    Horses- Just a Mere Whim (Willie), Arabian Appalousa mix
    Golden Snitch(Snitch-a-roo) Arabian
    Rosie Thoroughbred.
    Roxy was named for Roxy Hart from Chicago and the murderous row part came after she killed one of my chicks... -.-
    Snitch-a-roo was named for the Golden Snitch in Harry Potter, for his dad's name is Harry Potter, half sisters Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, sister Fleur Delacore, Half brother
    Neville Longbottom. so incase you haven't noticed, we are fans of HP...

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