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Importance of Picking a good Rooster

By Roo5 · Jul 23, 2019 ·
  1. Roo5
    I decided to make this thread for anyone who is new and plans on keeping Roosters.I believe people just grab and keep any rooster based off of lack information and I also think people find situations like these unnecessary,but it’s very necessary.

    Why it is necessary -
    Essentially roosters are the head of the flock, and when there are more then one male, they usually both play apart in how the flock is operated.Ive seen countless times where the dominate male will lead the flock and one direction and the other male will split the flock and drag them into another section of the yard.I have also heard of cocks actually causing hens to become distant or even terrified of their human companions simply because a male has disturbed the peace, and operated flock completely WRONG.I remember hearing somebody say if the man of the family is dysfunctional,it causes the family to be dysfunctional,because naturally men play the dominant role in caring and protecting for the family their romodels.Basically saying in chicken terminology, if the cock cannot care for the flock in a correct way, it throws everybody off and upsets,stress,depresses everyone involved and sometimes even the handlers.
    Why keep a rooster,what purpose Could it serve?
    Roosters can be fun to keep just based off how they act and they can look stunning to the eye, but they also can provide protection and chicks.Yeah, you can just go get a guard dog, but roosters can provide an extra eye and some even go as far as fighting predators to keep them from killing hens.Its also one of the natural ways of hatching and keeping your own birds instead of purchasing new ones every year.
    What to look for-
    There are so many behaviors out there that people look for.A good rooster is gonna have a watchful eye, treat other birds fair including chicks, respect people and sometimes a good rooster will even make for a good pet if handled properly. Don't choose an overly aggressive breeding bird, a rooster who intends on grabbing hens and ripping and shredding feathers and causing gahses,scars or bruises is not a good bird and can cause stress within the flock .Don't choose a rooster who views you as a threat.In many rare cases, sometimes birds will turn their back on their own owners simply because the flock leader( a rooster who should have never been allowed to stay) has encouraged it.Chickens are followers.Their gonna follow whomever takes the lead.I was watching my 3 month old birds out in the yard today and when one chicken would run one direction, the whole group would follow.The following trait of birds is really just a survival instinct but it shouldn’t be used on you.When birds become victims of bullying this also is caused by that Follower trait.I have noticed when one bird is fighting or getting picked on, others may join.
    That’s pretty much what I think it comes down to.
    Hope this help someone’s.
    Roosters can be A great addition to the flock if properly picked out and raised right.

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