Imps Chickens And Coop

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  1. Imp
    [FONT=arial black,avant garde]My Chickens[/FONT]
    [FONT=arial black,avant garde]My Coop[/FONT]
    It's a Rubbermaid shed. This pix was taken during cleaning.
    Note the pop hole cut into the back.


    The interior pieces removed. Makes cleaning easy.
    Put back together.

    [FONT=arial black,avant garde]The Run, which they hens rarely use, as they free range all day, in the yard.[/FONT]

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  1. dawg53
    Dang, when you clean your're not kidding!!! LOL (Breaking it down and such!!) LOL
    Very nice.
  2. wowmanacat
    That is so wonderful! Hope that I get to have one as nice soemday.
  3. ChickensAreSweet
    Very nice! I am thinking of doing this with our Rubbermaid shed in a few days.
  4. gritsar
    Nice Imp. Guess you couldn't sleep last night? LOL

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