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By In His Service · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. In His Service
    Every journey begins with a single step...this is ours.
    I can't exactly recall when it started, but for some time now I have day-dreamed about raising chickens. Actually to be honest, I used to day-dream about living in the pioneer days, something my mother passed on to me when I was young. But more recently, I would have to say the desire to have chickens was prompted by the disappearance of a dozen eggs a day...and that was only breakfast for my children, not to mention how many eggs we go through for baking. My husband has many excellent to change is not one of them. Neither is picking up on subtle hints. I had been hinting for some time about getting chickens, but he was not taking me seriously. One day I happened upon an ad for a free rooster ... a white-crested black polish. I googled it, and fell in love. So, the next day, I packed up the kids and went to the farm to bring home our new addition. The next thing I knew, we were on our way to the feed store with Charley, plus 2 hens and a second rooster (mixed banties). Now, I had been trying to inspire my DH to turn the old wooden playground equipment into a high-rise chicken coop, but for some reason, my vision was not coming in clearly on his antennae. Thus, we had no place to actually put these birds except the dog pen...they promptly flew the "coop". The kids thought this was great fun, chasing the chickens around. They (the chickens) finally darted into a 4x8 brick pig grill DH and I had built many years ago. It was dry, covered, and they were at least contained for the night.

    The next day, my teenaged son and I proceeded to surround the sandbox area of the clubhouse with chicken wire, DH, now actively in tune with the vision, added some plywood to keep out the cold wind, and voile..our first chicken coop. Oh, and did I happen to mention that it was snowing, heavy, WET, snow, the entire time we were working on the enclosure? Next, came the fun of getting the chickens out of the grill and into their new home. Their first nesting box was the cat's airline kennel. The people we got out little flock from told us that they had not started laying yet, but it should be any time now. We were so excited to get out first egg the second morning! Tiny, little, light brown perfect eggs! We were now the proud owners of a flock of egg-producing chickens, Charley, Chelsea, Molly, and Chuck.


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  1. sidetrack
    I have been day dreaming about chickens for a long time also. Your story is inspiring to me. Maybe I can get my big guy working on my coop quicker than he is, so I can start on my own little flock!!

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