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  1. Lothiriel
    In memoriam...
    Buzzy, Barred Rock -- Buzzy, you were my baby girl. You were not a chicken. You were one of my best friends. I could tell you things that no one else would understand, and you'd listen and be either happy or sad with me. I am glad you're out of your suffering now... But I wish to God you were still here. You were my best girl. I love you Buzzy... 3796_broken_heart.gif

    Buttercup, Barred Rock

    Squiggles, Barred Rock

    Calico, Barred Rock

    Lacy, Silver Laced Wyandotte (on the right)

    Rosey, SLW

    Estelle, Black Sex Link

    Gabby, Black Australorp (in the back)

    Monique/Minnie, Black Sex Link

    Monkey, Red Ranger meatie

    Big Boy, Delaware (he's gone because of his own fault... but for the sake of the "old days"...)

    Valentine, Delaware

    Blanche, Delaware

    Golde, Black Sexlink

    Duchess, New Hampshire

    Turnip, Silkie cockerel

    Mushroom, Silkie cockerel

    Betty, Black Jersey Giant

    Pansy, Silver Laced Wyandotte

    Noisette/Nutty, Black Sex Link

    Clotilde, Golden Nugget

    Juliette, Black Sexlink

    Henny, Black Australorp

    Ducky -- EE

    Tilly -- Bantam Buff Columbian Rock

    Iris -- EE

    Clover -- Barred Rock

    Raindrop -- Barred Rock

    Echo -- Easter Egger

    Aspen -- Pearl Grey guinea hen

    Dilly -- Lavender guinea hen

    Icarus -- White guinea cock

    And for those whose photographs I did not take...
    Ida, Beauregard, Sylvia, Fatso, Blush, Winnie, Percival, Sweetie, Oddball, Penny, Paprika, Cayenne, Buster, Squeaky, Lady Cluck (Clucky), and Carmel. You all were special. You all were unique. I love you. And all you meaties (you are delicious), especially Midget. Midget, I wish you could have lived and enjoyed your life. But for the short while you were here, I loved you, 'cause you were my Midget. (She only lived about a week. She stopped growing and eating, and ended up dying.) And to my Easter Egger boys: Cyril, Apollo, Erastus, and Tyrone. How I wish you hadn't been boys. I hope your new home is nice. And also to the Silkie I got the same time as Turnip... You were special as well. I don't know why you died, but I wish you had lived (especially if you were a girl...).

    These guinea keets... Gimpy, my little buddy... And Shrimp... and Icarus. I loved you all.

    Ginger Rose. My best friend of thirteen years. The middle name popped out when you were bad one day and it just stuck. It fit too, being the same as my own.

    I was 7 and you were 6 months when you became mine. We drove all the way to Pennsylvania in the dark and got lost on the way. We finally arrived and there you were, being a good little girl on the edge of the pile of puppies. Everybody else was fighting over who knows what, but you didn't join in. With your sky blue eyes and beautiful red merle coloring, you stood out from the tri colors and reds. And so you found your forever home.

    Forever seems so short now... But it was a good forever. A good 13 years together. You'd sleep next to me while I did school on the living room floor. In the summer months we'd lie on the cool tile floor in Mom and Dad's room and just stare at the ceiling, and then I'd poke you and you'd lick me. We ran through fields, mud, and woods together. We went adventuring at the creek and got soaked - sometimes accidentally. You annoyed a skunk once (just once) and we had to take you to a doggie salon, and when you'd gotten washed you smelled so lovely, and the lady had put a little blue bow in your hair to match your eyes. You loved to play with sticks but often it took several minutes to get you to give them back. You'd sit with me when I was sad or upset and get all excited when I was. I could tell you all sorts of things and never had worries about what you'd think of me. You had the most adorable smile and loved to give hugs and kisses. We would share pretzels when nobody was looking. That was such fun. You were weird, quirky, annoying, funny, lovable, sweet, cute, and sometimes crazy and slightly psychotic. But you were my Ginger. You were perfect.

    I have no idea what the past 13 years would have been like without you. I'm so glad we had each other through everything and you'll always be the best dog I've ever had and ever will, because we grew up together, and that's the best way to grow up.

    Nobody knows for sure if dogs go to heaven but I really hope they do, because I want to see you again when I get there, and we'll have even more adventures there where we both can run around and explore newer and more amazing things together.


    Taffy, you "darned old" draft pony. I know you'll be a huge blessing to the girl who bought you. Love her deeply and comfort her, be the pony she needs and loves.

    Mabel, Jersey heifer... You've gone to a really good home and I know you'll be well cared for. Give 'em lots of milk and be sweet.

    Hamilton, Danish Jersey steer

    Daisy, Jersey cow

    Valentine, Jersey/Holstein heifer

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  1. Lothiriel
    Thank you!
    And yes... I was REALLY hoping for a Silkie hen, so if that one was... :p
  2. texasgurl
    What beautiful babies! It's always hard to lose a pet and I'm sorry about your loss. I love this part, "And also to the Silkie I got the same time as Turnip... You were special as well. I don't know why you died, but I wish you had lived (especially if you were a girl...)." LOL!
  3. Lothiriel
    Thanks. ((hugs))
  4. BantamoftheOpera
    Sorry about the loss of Buzzy.

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