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    Incubating w/ Friends Notes and Links
    Sometimes notes work better than brains!

    This is the first part of an article series for the threads INCUBATING w/ FRIENDS! come HATCH, LEARN, and Chat! w/ hosts, Sally Sunshine and BantyChooks (now closed due to large size) and its reincarnation, EDUCATIONAL INCUBATION & HATCHING, w/ Sally Sunshine. Hosts, BantyChooks and more! Please don't hesitate to stop by the 2nd thread linked and ask for help if you have an emergency or just want to kill some time whilst wating for your chicks to hatch. All are welcome.

    Covered in here are topics ranging from choosing an incubator to how to get a truck out of the mud. Incubation topics are listed first.

    Choosing an Incubator and Suggestions: #78883
    Incubator Parts and Accessories: Click HERE or on an item below.
    Egg Turners
    More Egg Turners
    Fan Kits
    Egg Candlers
    Humidity Control
    Thermometers & Hygrometers
    Replacement Parts
    DIY Incubator Parts and Kits
    Brinsea Advance Humidity Pump
    Egg Disinfectant
    Circulated Air Kit for Little Giant 9300 CLICK HERE
    XL Incukit for Cabinet Incubators CLICK HERE
    GQF Cabinet Incubator Manual w/ Diagrams and Parts CLICK HERE
    LG Manual CLICK HERE
    Stromberg's Incubator Parts CLICK HERE
    Incubator Warehouse Errors start at #19215
    R-Com 20 Egg Turning Song #80822

    Incubator Tips and Tricks
    Add a lego to the dial of a styrobator to make small temp adjustments easier. #38132
    Wrapping an incubator for steadier temperatures #25453

    Adding Fans and Thermostats
    The Importance of Fans + how to add one to your styro HAVE SALLY RE-DO; I can't figure it out

    See article HERE

    Poultry Health (Emergencies, Diseases, Treatments, Medicine Suggestions)
    See article HERE

    Information on Poultry Breeds/Breeding
    Poultry Genetics (Egg Color, Feathering, Inbreeding, etc)
    See article HERE

    Chickens Commonly Raised for Meat and their Weights at Different Ages post #54051
    Processing Support Group CLICK HERE
    Links, Videos, and How-to CLICK HERE
    How to Humanely Butcher and Eviscerate a Chicken CLICK HERE (Videos)
    ChickenCanoe's processing comments and video w/ links ETC post #109391
    Brining 101 ~ Osmosis: a must read! post #44313
    Live and dressed weights calculation post #78965
    Health problems in meat birds click here
    Video on how to process quickly (skinning) CLICK HERE
    How to Caponize a Rooster Warning Graphic pics CLICK HERE & VIDEO post #39979 move
    Leg health in large broilers CLICK HERE
    Chicapee's Awesome Homemade plucker Hal post #438
    Joey's DIY Tabletop Plucker post #101813 & post #101822
    Cool DIY plucker CLICK HERE for video
    Feed bag instead of processing cone #5588
    Chaos' bird holder for processing CLICK HERE

    Recipe Corner
    Injara --- an Ethiopian bred made from teff flour post #17418 video of recipe post #17433
    Santa Bread CLICK HERE
    Benny's recipes for ox tail soup: tongue w/ mushroom sauce post #30071 images post #30021
    Khachapuri, a Georgian pastry, full of cheese and an egg over! Delicious! CLICK HERE
    Dippy Eggs and Toads in the hole! post #31896 scroll down posts
    Halupkies = stuffed cabbage CLICK HERE
    Artemisia arborescens herb tea that helps digestion (not for use during pregnancy) post #32148
    MOST expensive coffee in the world CLICK HERE
    Hippiestink's Organic Butternut Squash Soup yummmmsss
    Death By Chocolate Cupcakes post #34316
    Wheat rolls with Spinach paste and Betroth paste! CLICK HERE
    MC’s Sourdough pancakes post #4372
    Chicken Jerky post #24614
    SOURDOUGH discussion and recipes start post #117664
    Banti's Microwave Brownie Recipe post #63092
    Bennny's flat bread recipe post #66475

    PA FARM SHOW WINNING RECIPES (site click here)
    2017 Winning Recipes
    2016 Winning Recipes
    Angel food cake post #744
    Philadelphia Snapper Soup CLICK HERE
    MC's Monkey Bread with apples post #70003
    Libyan flavored black coffee post #74702
    Banana Bread recipe post #5541
    MC's Gummy worms post #5881
    Leopard bread post #11234
    3 minute butter CLICK HERE
    Corn chowder and corn casserole post #14151
    Campin's red beans and rice post #144208
    Trash Can Chickens/Turkeys post #295
    Why You Should Be Eating More Rabbit (Recipes Included) CLICK HERE
    How to butcher a haunch of venison post #145343
    Baba ganoush eggplant dip CLICK HERE

    This is a work in progress. Please be patient.

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