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By secuono · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. secuono
    I sold my store bought incubator[that cost a freaking fortune] with my own PC fan and then I suddenly had an urg to hatch. So I have made my own!

    I painted it brown so it 'goes' with the house and isn't a big white eye sore! Added the pretty blue for some color. You can see here the water tube I put in and the window. It still needs a 2nd coat in some spots. There are 4 tiny air holes along the front and back bottom walls. As well as 3 bigger air holes around the rim[front & right side]. You can see them in the next picture.
    And this is what's under that 2nd lid. A heat sink, water thermostat, bin with water & the light. I also went nuts with the foil tape I found and covered the sides and bottom of the bator to help reflect the heat. Last thing I need is anything melting or burning! The blue water bin also has a bit of foil on the edge closest to the light.

    6 Brown Dot egg, 2 Yellow Dot eggs[near hatching], 15 Slash eggs developing & 15 X eggs all in the bator!
    I'm still constantly messing with the temp & need to make a new Water Wiggler, but everything else seems to be on track!


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