Six White Silkie Eggs Set March 15th, 2010.

This is an incubator we threw together very quickly.

A local pet store gave us the cooler from a recent shipment of live fish.
Heat Regulation - The hot water heater is the cheap one from HD mounted ~2" above a 60W bulb in a socket i scrapped out of an old lamp.
Several holes were drilled on top above the eggs and several holes were drilled below the light.
Barrier b/n chicks and heat/fan - Scrap Hardware Wire sewn together with thin wire. Tin foil was wrapped around this cage where it would block direct light on eggs. a 1" gap was left at bottom to allow circulation.
Drinking straw from 32oz mug is used to feed a water bowl with sponge. sponge will be taken out at day 18 to increase RH to ~80%.
Viewing window - the glass used is from picture frames around the house.
Manual Egg Turner - looking at both photos one can make out the contraption we've made to turn the eggs by simply inserting and removing an object below the paint stirrer. EASY
Disregard the monitor in the bator. i had just set the eggs. T - 99F and RH = 55%.


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