My Styrofoam Incubator!

Make a home made styrofoam incubator is not so hard at all, reason I made mine was I love to create things and love useing items I made my self. Plus sense I made the incubator my self I know all the parts in it and if something goes bad in there I know what to replace :).
Items needed:
Water Heather Thermostat
Computer fan
12V power supply *charger*
Chicken wire
Tin Foil
Light fixture with cord
25 to 40 Watt bulb
Styrofoam box
Egg turner
Other items:
Cutter of some type

Take your Styrofoam box lid and measure how big you want the window on top. Cut the plexiglass to fit the area you want. Now don’t cut the hole big as your Plexiglass or your glass will just fall in, make sure you keep cut the glass a little bigger than the hole on your lid.
After you cut the hole out put the cut plexiglass in place and set them aside.


Now take your box and drill a hole on one side near bottom also make small hole near where your light fixture will be going.

Next put the cord through the hole for the light fixture and connect one wire from cord to the ground wire on light, and take the power wire of cord and connect it to one of the screws on the Water Heather Thermostat. Now take the power wire that’s on the light fixture and connect to other screw on Thermostat. Also put the light bulb in. Depending on the size of your box a small box would only need a 25Watt bulb but the size box I had I used the 40Watt bulb.

Now Use some screws and screw the light fixture up on the wall inside the box, and also hang up the thermostat but don’t put it right next to the light or the heat will be to much for it.
Next your going to wire up the computer fan to the 12V power supply. Get a 12V power supply wall charger from any store, now cut the end off you wont need that no more. Now separate the wires just some. Now take the computer fan and cut the end off of it. Separate that wire some if its not all ready. Now on both the Fan and 12V power supply make sure there is some gold wire part sticking out as in get the wire coat off a little. Some power supply’s have a red and black wire some are just both black. Now connect the red wire of the power supply to the red wire of the fan and do same for black wire. Use tape to wrap around them. And Plug in and test it out. If it cuts on you did it :).
Next hang it up next to the light so the fan can blow the heat around.


Next measure the Width and Height of the box so you can cut the chicken wire and put it across in front of the bulb so the chicks can’t get to that part. Also put some tin foil on the wire in front of the bulb tape it on there with your tape so it don’t fall off. Next measure the width and Length and cut out some wire for the flooring part of the box. You might want to add like 3 inches on each side of the wire for the width part so you can fold the wire under some and let it stand up in the box so you can take it out to clean under it after the chicks hatch.
Now sit your egg turner on top of that wire part and take the cord and put it through the larger hole so you can plug it up. Put you Jar in the side where the light is and fill it with water. Also add a thermometer with probe so you can keep eye on the temp in there. Put You lid back on and your done.