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    Welcome to my page!
    I started with two chicks brooding them in a plastic tub in my closet, when i aquired 6 chicks i began with them in the bin and that quickly didnt work when they began pecking. so out of necessity i built this
    ^not sure what im doing wrong with this picture :(
    i will post some more pictures and more details later, but basically i built the frame, big enough to fit the dog kennel halves. i just made the lids out of some fence slats and screen and the same with the front, which was secured with some pvc. which was nice because it could slide up and access the animals.
    im still looking for another dog kennel to make the other 2 levels, and then i will also enclose the sides in screen, but right now being that the two levels are higher up, i feel ok about predetors as i feel they are difficult to get open.
    hope to have more added to this soon
    UPDATE: Painting it so i it will last longer!​

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