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By dfdesigns · May 9, 2012 · Updated May 9, 2012 ·
  1. dfdesigns
    We are a very small family farm and raise several breeds of chickens as well as registered Morgan horses. We are located in Ramona, California, which is a rural community in northern San Diego County. You can see more on our Facebook page:

    Some of our newest chicks, hatched on 5/5/2012:

    A French Black Copper Marans

    A French Blue Copper Marans

    A Splash Cuckoo Marans

    An Ameraucana

    Some of our organic, soy-free eggs packaged up for sale.

    Thanks for checking out this page!


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  1. chirpchirpchook
    omg that first pick looks so much like my chickies

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