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Injuries And Sickness Pictures.(Under construction)

By Shadrach · Aug 11, 2019 · ·
  1. Shadrach
    Graphic Pictures.
    Below are a lot of pictures of sick chickens and injuries.
    Each subject will have a link to a thread or story where appropriate and if there is no other information on the site, a brief description of how the injury was caused (if known) the treatment and the recovery time, if applicable.

    PC090407.JPG PC050399.JPG P8180805.JPG P8140803.JPG P8111695.JPG P8100798.JPG P8090797.JPG P6251069.JPG P6241610.JPG P6191063.JPG P6071565.JPG P6071564.JPG P4191506.JPG P4191500.JPG P4081466.JPG P3280242.JPG P3101439.JPG P2251430.JPG P2131420.JPG P2131417.JPG P2110135.JPG

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  1. N F C
    Yeouch! Those are some painful pictures, poor birds. Looking forward to your additional info!
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