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  1. FisherMOM
    Coop and Run 5

    Here is the shed, all cleaned out on the side that is going to house the chickens. The cat carrier is there because Midnight needed to lay an egg.
    The building itself is 10X8.
    The area that the chickens will have is going to be 4X8. You can also see the boards that I mentioned that locks up the coop at night. I have a slider bolt lock on the inside. Keep in mind.. hubby only helped with building the run (against my wishes) and he made the 2 pop doors. I did the rest.


    Here is the Outside of the coop.. being held open by.. yup.. tackle boxes!


    WOO HOO... a New floor!! This should make clean up easier in the long run.


    These are the first roosts that I put in the coop. They are still there, I have just added more since then. There are pictures of them to follow.
    The ladder didn't stay, they wouldn't use it. I might try it again some time.


    Midnight checking out the new floor!


    Click here... building the wall inside

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