Interesting chicken facts- Did you know?

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  1. cackleberrycam
    Did You Know - Interesting Chicken Facts!
    Hello all!

    Would you like to know some awesome chicken facts? Do you know where chickens originated? Do you know a chicken's temperature? Do you know how many taste buds a chicken has?
    Well, lets find out!

    Did you know???-
    • Chickens are a close relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    • Chickens originated 8,000 years ago through the Wild Jungle Fowl.
    • Chickens were domesticated in Polynesia.
    • Some scientists believe that chickens are living dinosaurs.
    • In 5000 BC, chickens were important to the Chinese and the word "rooster" in Chinese has the same pronunciation as the words "good luck."
    • Sultan chickens originated in Constantinople and were popular with Turkish rulers. They were kept in gardens and were said to be "moving flowers."

    Did you know???-
    • There are more chickens than any other bird.
    • There are chickens everywhere in the world except for Antarctica.
    • When Marco Polo went on his travels he referred to Silkies in his writings as having "wool instead of feathers."
    • The Delaware breed of chicken was once called the "Indian Rivers" breed, but the name was changed to honor the state from where it originated.
    • When William Cook created the Orpington, he made them have black plumage to hide the dirt and soot of London.

    Did you know???-
    • Hens have 340 taste buds.
    • A chicken's temperature is 107 F.
    • The record for the most yolks in an egg is nine.
    • Rooster combs are one of the world's highest sources of hyaluronan. Hyaluronan has many medical uses, including protecting the eye during veterinary eye surgery, reducing inflammation in arthritic knees of racehorses, and preventing post-scar tissue.
    • The record for the most eggs laid in a year is 364, by the Black Australorp.

    Thanks for viewing! I hope you learned something new!

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  1. pernotcortez
    Cool facts,I totally agree with dino heritage, look at a Cornish and a T-Rex, Cornish have wings instead of short arms as a T-Rex. Chickens are also carnivores, have you ever watched a chicken run down a grasshopper or mouse. I imagine a T-Rex would run down prey the same.
  2. Mountain Peeps
    Great info! Although I will have to completely disagree on the T-Rex thing. Very inaccurate if you think about it logically!
  3. cackleberrycam
    Thank you! Yes, chickens do seem a lot like dinosaurs!
  4. susanp970
    I totally agree with the T-Rex relatives, Rock Cornish look just like a small T-Rex.
    Cool facts indeed
  5. tantricdragon13
    They definitely remind me of dinosaurs. When we were kids, my sister and I would always refer to the "teenage" stage as the "raptor phase". lol

    Good list!
  6. cackleberrycam
    Yea! It must have hurt!
  7. Sill
    I often comment to my family how my chickens remind me of dinosaurs.
    Nine yolks in one egg? Yikes! Poor hen!
  8. cackleberrycam
  9. Laburnum-Roos
    Very interesting
  10. turtleguy
    Very cool facts!
    (though I'd disagree about them being relatives to any dinosaur)

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