Interesting Facts About Chicken Eggs

Eggs are amazing things. We often take them for granted, but you won't after you read this article!
By Mrs. Mucket · Feb 22, 2012 · Updated Mar 27, 2012 · ·
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    I never thought to even looking into the information you provided. The only thing I looked into "lash eggs", which is an inflammation of the oviduct where the eggs begins its travels. They are not true eggs but may contain bits of egg material and a lot of pus and other material. They are rather disgusting and odd. If you want to see one I've attached a pic.


    1. wrinkled-eggs-web-388x294.jpg
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    I learned a lot by reading your article. I knew we should wash the eggs but now I know why. And I was worried about seeing small and weird eggs 2 days in a row but I see that normal. Thank you for taking the time to post and educate!
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