Introducing new chickens.. HELP

By Shanegrizzly · Jul 24, 2018 · ·
  1. Shanegrizzly
    Me and my wife had a small flock of 3 black stars, a Hawk got one of them while free ranging one day. Due to the risk of Hawks we've built a run onto their co-op that's fully enclosed and they stay in there now. With only having the two we've decided to get 2 more girls to add to our flock. They are NOT having it. I realise a pecking order has to take place but any tips on making thr new ones feel a bit more welcomed other than getting beat up? We're gonna put them in tonight while the others are sleeping.

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  1. Rick M
    Im in same process, we have 5 bared rock that are 5 months old and have 6 red sex links that are 2 months old. Weve had them in a seperate coop where the older gals can look but not touch for several weeks now. Ive let the little ones out briefly and they are almost immediately pecked by one of the older ones when they are outside of their smaller coop which is our older birds original coop. The main (pecker head) even does this with several of the other older birds too, she just seems to have an attitude. Going to try and get them out together more this weekend, but may have to sneek them into the big coop at night on the roost. The pecker head has gotten my wife and I on the legs recently, enough to draw blood, and im worried she might do some major damage to one of the little ones.
  2. Texas Kiki
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