I have a house with 5 acres and a barn in Medina, Ohio. I have 10 Silkies, 10 Araconas and 10 guieneas. Also just got two baby Nubian goats. Raised exotic birds for 30 years and now want to try chickens and such. I also have a Royal Palm hen, four mixed breed ducks and three Chinese Geese. We started raising Papa-Poos which are toy poodle and Papillion mixes. They look like miniture poodle withoutncordedhair. The one we kept does not shed. We have had three litters of four each and it has been female toy Poodle with male Papillion. We raised poodles and white min shnauzers for about 20 years when the kids were growing up at our other house. I love my chickens and big yearly garden. I wish I would have done this when I was younger.