Is There a ROOSTER In The House?

Just some fun with Herman - our pet house-rooster!
By MROO · Jun 28, 2018 · ·
  1. MROO
    Meet Herman, the House Rooster!

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    Herman is a Blue Splash Silkie roo who hatched the Saturday that Hurricane Irma hit. His name was, in fact, Irma ... until "she" started crowing! Herman was very sick as a baby. He was the only survivor of a poorly shipped hatchery order of six. We spent a great deal of time and energy pulling him through. So much so, that somewhere along the line, Herman forgot that he was a chicken!

    Herman lived in the house all winter. In the beginning, it was because he was too tiny, too sick and needed too much constant attention and treatment. By the time he was well enough to go outside, it was icy-cold. As a newbie, a youngster, and the only Silkie in an established bantam flock, he would have been quickly ostracized and frozen to death. So he stayed inside in a large guinea pig cage, growing bigger and more spoiled by the day.

    By the time Herman started crowing, we were used to his being indoors. We didn't even mind his quirky crow. It's a deep, mournful call, which he sounds right before the alarm clocks go off at our house ... so the gentle rumble is a nice eye-opener before harsh reality sets in! Herman's not really sad, he just sounds that way! He's actually the reason for my online name, "MROO." That's short of "The Melancholy Rooster," our Herman!

    One of Herman's most lovable quirks is his attachment to his Mompom. Since he was an "only," Herman needed something to snuggle, so we gave him a large pompom intended for my daughter's backpack. He took to it like, well, like a chick to Mama. To this day, he sleeps with it, and carries it around with him. At least twice, we've had to rescue it from the cats. Herman didn't need rescuing, just his Mompom. Herman is fine with the cats ... all four of them!
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    On the rare occasion that we can wash the Mompom, Herman goes into full stress mode, calling and fussing like a baby without his blankie. The reunions are positively pathetic!

    Herman is a new man, these days! He appears to have found his calling in life. We have a mini-flock of juvenile bantams out back. The four smallest are constantly picked on and forced away from the feeders. Herman has adopted them. He goes out to the pen as soon as we let him out and waits at the door until we let him in. That's what he's doing in the picture, above - waiting for someone to open the run door so he can go in to his babies. He doesn't come out of the run until his charges are safely tucked away in their own corner box at night. Then he'll come to the door to be taken back inside. Heaven forbid we leave him out there!

    So, maybe there's hope for Herman. We may yet make a real chicken out of him ... but I doubt it!

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  1. FlappyFeathers
    "Charming Story"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 12, 2018
    Your little rooster just sounds amazing! Oh my goodness, you did a wonderful job nursing him back to health... and the MomPom... adorable! I didn't know chickens could get so emotionally attached to an object like that. Curious to see if he ever ends up joining a flock.
    MROO likes this.
  2. Maria's Chickens
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 27, 2018
    Enjoyed reading this unusual article. Very interesting. What a smart rooster.
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  1. PouleChick
    What a gorgeous story - bless him! :loveI love his Mompom - even a similar colour!!!
      MROO likes this.
  2. MickWithChicks
    No photos with the cats? You can't say he gets along with all 4 but not include photos! Come on, get 'em uploaded!
      MROO likes this.
    1. MROO
      Herman hasn't had much indoor free-roaming time, lately. Our new dog thinks cats and chickens are MUCH more fun to play with than static stuffies, so it hasn't been the safest of environments for them.
      Since Herman is the only one allowed outside (our cats stay inside - away from fast-moving vehicles,) they don't get much play-time. Once we get Skye settled down, we hope that Herman and the kitties can get their social life back in order. We're working on it!
  3. meat1709
    Haha, I had two silkie roosters. I enjoyed having Pretty Boy around, he and I had games we'd play because he was young enough for me to get him to let me hold him. The first week i had him, every night I would have to hunt around the yard for him and carry him to the coop for the night. He would start with walking up and standing in front of me until I tapped his chest with my shoe, then he would peck it, It kept evolving until he learned to untie shoes and hang from pant legs. The other silkie rooster, Shadow... let's just say if I knew then what I learned later I would have never got him or would have let my EE hen kill him when she first saw him like she wanted to.

    That would be so neat to have a house chicken. Is he housebroken?
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    1. MROO
      Although he is not terribly happy about it, Herman will wear a chicken diaper indoors. It needs to be changed fairly frequently, as he's a big boy, so his discharges are, shall we say, ample? We learned, the hard way, about leaving it go too long. Those fluffy Silkie skirts hold a lot of messy "stuff!"
  4. GrannyHeeney
    He seems pretty big--was trying to judge his size compared to the slipper behind him LOL While I was still doing art, sometimes I'd clown around with clients and put a Twinkie in photos of a piece for size comparison. That'd never fly for chicken photos but I bet the chickies would love it!
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    1. MROO
      The picture is a closeup phone shot, so it's a bit distorted, but the gate "slat" in front of him is 6" and the shoe in the background is a ladies' size 8. So, yup, Herman is a big boy - at almost a year, he's half again the size of "normal" Silkie. (Of course, a lot of that is floof!)

      Herman is absolutely the biggest, ugliest, homeliest Silkie I have ever had the pleasure to meet ... and we love him, ... absolutely!

      Another thing I love? The Twinkie idea! That's grand!
      GrannyHeeney likes this.
    2. GrannyHeeney
      I don't think he's a bit ugly! :D I <3 Herman! What a story of survival, too!

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