Please help! I am new to raising chickens and would greatly appreciate your opinion.
We purchased 3 Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks from a local feed store. We can only have hens as we live in a residential neighborhood. The chicks (Freedom, Liberty and Victory) are now approximately old.5wks
I am starting to get worried about Freedom being a ! He/she's comb is developing different from the other 2, in that their combs are rather flat and Freedom's is raised and bumpy (see pictures).ROO




In every other way Freedom resembles 'her' sisters (to my untrained eye, anyway). 'Her' feet are the same size. Comb, wattles, and earlobes are no more red than 'her' sisters. Tail feathers appear the same, ect. She is actually the least aggressive. But that comb seems to get taller every day.
I REALLY hope 'she' is NOT a roo as we cannot keep a boy. I am so worried, she is the friendliest of the bunch and I am already quite attached to 'her'! 'She' follows us around and even climbs up in my lap to be petted when I sit down... I am anxiously awaiting your reply with Fingers crossed. X