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Isaac's Coop

  1. MasterOfClucker

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  1. MasterOfClucker
    I ordered mine from (Mypetchicken) first time i usally order them from mcmurray
  2. chickcrack
    I got the Cochin's from a breeder near me (I live in Canada). My barred rocks are from a hatchery and my original 2 OEGB came from a poultry swap show...I have 2 of their babies as well. I want to breed the Cochin's next spring.
  3. MasterOfClucker
    Where do you get them from?
  4. chickcrack
    Sweet! I have 2 blue cochin, 1 black and a barred rooster. All large fowl. They're great birds...very docile. My barred rocks and OEGBs boss them around lol. Gold Laced Wyandotte's are on my wish list...some day.
  5. MasterOfClucker
    Two Blue Cochin
    Two Buffs
    Two Austarlorps
    Golden laced Wyandotte
    Cant wait!!!
  6. chickcrack
    That looks like a chicken paradise!
    Nice birds
    What breeds are you adding in May?

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