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Island Girls

  1. Whidbeynurse
    These are my girls. My Barred Rocks and I live on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest. They are currently 10 weeks old and are named as follows (back to front):
    Mrs Kravitz ~ darkest in coloring (all black long wing feathers), always a busy body, has to see what everyone else is doing
    Queenie ~ lightest in coloring and slightly smaller than the others, very 'bossy'
    Miss Priss ~ light but not as light as Queenie in color, largest of the group, squawks if she gets bumped, tapped, anything... drama queen
    Lady Jane ~ second darkest (between Mrs Kravitz & Miss Priss), quiet, 'elegant', named after my Dad's favorite chicken when I was a little girl.

    I love to watch them come running to the corner of the pen nearest the house when they hear the screen door on the sliding glass door slide open or shut, then jostle for position to be the first on to get a pet or a treat. They LOVE dandelion greens (compare the foreground to the background of the picture~the background is beyond the fence) and also like watermelon, tomatoes, steamed snow peas, carrots & apples, so far. Last week while I was doing some repairs to the pen, they hunkered down just like this right at my feet and moved every time I did as I made my way around the fencing.

    I LOVE MY GIRLS!!!! <3

    Mrs Kravitz (9 weeks)

    Mrs Kravitz (9 weeks)

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  1. Whidbeynurse
    Thanks Whittni :)
  2. Whittni
    That's really cool. Good luck with your flock!

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