My chicken coop
Frame is made from spruce 2x3 for light weight and low cost.

Framing with a compression nailer is fast and easy. Frame rests on p/t skids for easy moving. Floor is made from 1/4 hardware cloth.

Back of house is a hatch that screws into frame for access. A "skin" of 1/4 ply covers frame and keeps the weight down. A view looking down into the two sheds shows the food and water exchange (left) and and nesting boxes (right) both accessable from shed roofs.

The 3/4 ply door slides on steel rods and eye hooks. The shed roofs flip open (in homage to my old Triumph Spitfire) on hinges. The pen docks to the house with a detachable breezeway. Plexiglass windows are fixed and framed. Cedar shakes cover 1/4 ply roofing. Ventilation is achieved by ridge vents.