It's (Dust) Bath Time

By skullgrrrl · Nov 14, 2018 ·
  1. skullgrrrl

    The first time you see a chicken dust bathing it can be a bit worrisome. Is it having a seizure? In its last death throes? Nope, just playing around in the dirt. It’s a bit counter-intuitive: you have to get dirty in order to get clean.

    Chickens don’t use water to bathe like some birds, but prefer loose soil that they spread around their bodies by flapping and rolling. This activity shakes small parasites, like mites and lice, off their feathers. It also coats their feathers, which keep them clean. Chickens need access to a dust bathing area all year long.

    45862176_358783704687396_7834631938362048512_n.jpg 45883002_358783718020728_816860929537867776_n.jpg 45886686_358783738020726_5974005823167266816_n.jpg 45906095_358783841354049_1899189033112698880_o.jpg
    I have two dry, covered areas with tires or metal rings that I fill up with wood ashes. Ashes are very fine and the perfect medium for dust bathing. The rings keep them from being spread far and wide. If you haven’t got a wood stove or fireplace ask your friends and neighbours for their ashes. Or better yet, contact your local chimney sweep. I get mine from lots of sources – the only thing I ask is they are free of metal bits and chemicals.

    You can also use diatomaceous earth (DE), the fossilized remains of diatoms, whose sharp edges can kill mites and lice. It’s an organic product but be aware it will kill friendly, beneficial insects in your pen/yard as well. Another option is fine sand. Some people sprinkle herbs into the dust bath. I prefer to use herbs in the nest boxes as I think they last longer.

    46007455_358783868020713_4408490668977029120_o.jpg 46049460_358783781354055_1827052214108028928_o.jpg 46091569_358783894687377_7380078214938361856_o.jpg

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