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By buzymom13 · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jan 27, 2012 · ·
  1. buzymom13
    [​IMG]Our little patch of dirt is our haven. We have been raising chickens for our 2nd winter now and our flock has grown. Starting out with "only 6" peeps our first year we never thought we'd have over 30 chickens, 3 guineas, 3 ducks, etc. two seasons later. [​IMG]

    We've come full circle on this journey. We started with store bought peeps, learned a lot here on BYC. Raised them and got our first eggs!!!! Then learned some more and hatched out some of our own. We fell in love with the many different breeds and the kids still can't get enough of these feathered friends.[​IMG]

    We expanded our coop and now have the front coop and the back coop. [​IMG]

    It's been a wonderful trip and we're so excited to try to hatch out guinea keets this year for the first time. Our try at quail was not successful but we're going to give it a whirl again in the future. [​IMG]

    This year we'll be trying our hand at meat birds also. We'll keep it updated as to how well it goes. [​IMG]

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  1. GardenGal
    Wow! Hope you post lots of pics :)

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