Every morning, when I wake up, I can hear my sons little feet winding their way through the house to my bed where he promptly crawls in and snuggles, my daughter is generally very close behind.
Ollie, my english springer spainel is snoring loudly from the living room and the coffee is smelled throughout the house.
There is nothing that makes me smile more than my life...
I am a proud Navy wife and mother to 2 very beautiful, yet sometimes annoying, kids. We found our kitten Pyewacket in a cardboard box at the feed store when she was just a few weeks old and now she is a nutty quick cat. Then there is Ollie, our 1 yr old English Springer Spaniel who is just the coolest dog I have ever known.

And now I come to the reason of even being on this board, our "flock"
~ Little Red, Red sexlink pullet

~ Poof, Cayuga Duckling

~ Yellow Chickie aka Peeps - Buff Orpington pullet

~ Blackie ( possbily Princess, daughter's choice for a name ) - Black Sexlink

~ Darth Molly - SLWD

~ Brownie Pie - EE

~ No Name - EE

~ No Name - SLWD

~ Shiner - SLWD