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By Jackie B. · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Jackie B.
    Hey Y'all! So after 6 months of "serious researching" on BYC, a chicken coop and 4 pullets showed up in my backyard while my husband, Cleve, was away on a business trip. That'll teach him to leave me behind to swelter in the upstate South Carolina heat while he goes to Seattle! So far, Casey, Shannon, Ashley and Taylor (all close friends and my sister respectively) are doing wonderful and are enjoying the overabundance of bugs, grubs, and all things creepy crawly in our backyard. Take a look at the pictures and I'll update as we go...
    Time for an update! Casey is MIA...pretty sure a hawk took her but I'm getting 2 Jersey Giant pullets and 2 Easter Eggers in August! Need to build a grow out coop...my cabinets are getting full of egg cartons from friends so we're happy to get eggs soon!
    Jackie Blackwell

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