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By JackieK318 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. JackieK318
    My name is Jackie. I currently live in Missouri with my husband and our critters. We are interested in obtaining some neighboring lots to increase our land to 5 acres. This would allow us to have horses, goats, or just much more garden space than our 1 acre now allows us. I am embarking on several adventures:
    Organic Gardening
    Chicken Keeping
    Coop Construction
    and constantly learning more each day about how to live off of the land and create something with my own two hands. Like Martha Stewart recently said in Wired magazine, "That's why I say, "You own it if you made it." You don't own the pie if you buy it. You just don't." That's what makes me proud. That wonderful sense of pride behind something I did with my own knowledge and ambition cannot be replaced by any purchased item.
    Please join me on this journey through this forum page or my own website at Jackie's Site.

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