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By jacqui · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jacqui
    [​IMG]Will my chick survive on it's own?
    The chick I am talking about is on my shoulder and still is
    My daughters school did the whole " hatch an egg " thing in class
    we got to keep two chicks
    The other day one chick got attacked by a cat, I nursed her for 24hrs before she died.
    The chick we still have is sitting on the keyboard now as I type.
    It follow me every where, it sit on me when====================================================e falls asleep on me when I am sleeping
    it is only one mon-th old so it is too young to go outside.
    it is trying to type with me now with its beak.
    it wont let my husband kiss me. It is trying to groom me all the time.
    I can be standing in the kitchen and it will fly from the floor straight to my shoulder=ll[
    it wont goto anyone else, i think this chick has replaced the ot\her one with me.

    I need to get another chick for it don't i?

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