Jail birds

By Bettacreek · Mar 13, 2013 · Updated Mar 14, 2013 ·
  1. Bettacreek
    Main flock - Self sufficiency flock. Using this flock to work on a high laying rate and good meat birds. These are the birds we feed the family from.
    Chickens: Splash Ameraucana and two leghorn roos over 9 cornish cross hens, 2 leghorns, 3 light brahmas, 1 black Ameraucana and 1 black mutt.
    Turkeys: Royal palm/BBB tom (dominant) and Royal Palm (blue carrier) over one BBW hen (for now).
    Ducks: Pekins, 3 hens under one drake - new drake, fertility testing needed (3/13/13)

    Coturnix, 3 hens under two roos, browns. Will be adding goldens and more browns later.
    Button Quail - none yet, need to schedule a shipping date for my own eggs from the breeder. These will be all tuxedo.

    Other pens
    MF D'Uccle - fertility testing necessary (3/13/13)
    Calico Silkie roo over 1 ameraucana/silkie hen

    Growing out:
    Feather shanked marans (BBS)
    Seramas - Feather shanked, frizzle and I'm working with them on the MF pattern
    More turkeys (of course!) Midget whites hatching, royal palms in the bator (and looking for mature hens)
    Partridge and Calico silkies

    MF D'Uccles

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