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By janine · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. janine
    I have been happily in love with chickens for the last 10 years....
    We moved into the country and I was a gardener...every garden needs some chickens..I know cause I read all those fancy garden magazines and Chickens look great in the garden:) So up the coop went...
    then off to the local fair..I got there late and the only thing left was a pair of old emglish mille fluers, and a beautiful mutt cochin.....
    I was hooked! 10 years later, and we have had all kinds...
    did the show thing with 4-H and the fairs, learned alot really myself...more than the kids ;)
    Homeowners insurance frowned on our chickens...so we had to give them up, changed our insurance and started a new batch a few years later.
    Proud owner of Two red sex links and a rooster match, a rogue old-english problem rooster from the same place (he was free) and an americauna, Leghorn, and mutt ? pullets...
    I must say these sex link hens are crazy egg layers...I would have an entire flock of these...they ain't much to look at but they lay super sized eggs...and alot of them!

    Turns out the problem Rooster wasn't aggresive but submisive which made him a target..but in our coop.. Big Roo (sex link) owns the girls and Little roo, just hangs out no problems AT ALL...sweetest little thing ever...comes right on over to be petted! Love that little roo! He's the best!
    Visit my garden at The Roosting hen

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