January 9th 2011

By Jacklynn · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Jacklynn
    Well this is my first blog entry ! So I guess making an introduction would make sense :)! My name is Jacklynn Deyle, call me Jackie or whatever. I'm new to poultry, I just started mid-December 2010. I currently have Bantam Cochins in blue, black, splash and barred, aswell as Rosecombs in black. I previously raised rabbits and cavies for show, I had them for six years but it just wasn't any fun for me anymore. Anyways, I'm 16 and I'm homeschooled. I eventually would like to become a professional animal groomer.

    I have five black Rosecombs at the moment, one rooster and four pullets from Jonathan's Poultry. I have 7 Bantam Cochins, two black pullets, one blue pullet and one barred rooster from Pacawiejete Chickens. I also have three splash chicks from Lilylane Pet Farm. I have high hopes for the little guys !

    I also have a pair of Snowshoe cats. Aswell as a tabby Persian kitten. I do love my animals !

    That's all for now though ! :)

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