January is flying by, or with all the needed rain we're having, I should say its floating by. So much is going on, out in the back 1/4 acre and in the house. Out back, the girls are loving the rainy days. Well, the breaks between the rain. I let them out and they first run over to the dog's water dish to wash up before dining. Then everyone heads for their favorite diner. One goes straight for the bunny cages/ Another heads for the rose gardens to scratch around in the leafy beds. Some prefer private dining under the trampoline. The bunnies aren't as happy with all this rain, it really hinders their exercise time in the bunny garden. But when its dry enough, they love to nibble on the new grass. With the new year we're moving cages, runs, and kids' playhouse around a bit. Redecorating isn't just for the inside of the house. Rose bushes are being moved, a dog run put in. Spring veggies to plant. New plants to buy to fill in gaps left by removing cannas from backyard. (Dogs kept chewing on them and getting sick). Lovely plants, but animals more important. In the house, we just celebrated dgd's 11th b'day. Dd's b'day on the 29th then any time after that a new dgs will be born. So that means making everything safe for infant/toddler. Haven't had to do that in years. Will have to mop and vacuum more often. Move the hamster cages so droppings won't fall on cradle. Put locks back on drawers. Funny, just taught dgd to use sharp knives safely and now we lock everything back up again. Oh, the circle of life. DH and I will be celebrating 34th anniversary on Feb. 14. Isn't he romantic, choosing this day for us to marry? Though he gets teased by friends that he just did that to save himself time and money and memory cells. But he's so romantic, he creates and gives me two cards and also gets me two presents every year. And no, I'm not as clever as he, so I don't even try to compete. But I do enjoy it all. So, yes, I'm blessed and grateful for how bountifully this new year has started. God bless us all.